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Jug 4

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MATERIAL Aluminium / Polyester (PE)
Size H9 X W133 X D9 CM
WEIGHT 4.0 kg
Jug is a hanging system using the playful function from climbing grips. The name “Jug” comes from a specific type of climbing handholds, that is relatively easy to hold on to, hereby also your coat or handbag. The climbing grips are put together on an aluminum panel in a random system, creating new routes for every piece. Jug comes in different lengths and number of grips. Feel free to build your own routes. This object is made to order. 

Please note: This product is intended to be screwed into the wall. Make sure to use the correct anchors that are suited for the wall you wish to install it to. This project is not intended for climbing. Please take care of this object.