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Bob Stool

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MATERIAL Fiberglass, Jesmonite
Size H45 X W56 X D28 CM
WEIGHT 7.5 kg
The Bob Stool concurrently mimics the appearances of the element around which ropes are tied when docking a ship and the bone-like toy that dogs love spending their time with. The Bob Stool is carved from a single block of polystyrene that has been reinforced with fiber glass and Jesmonite. Lastly, the surface has received minutely fine layers and layers of acrylic paint and lacquer. Manufactured in an edition of 10 pieces for OUTPOST Gallery.

Please note: This object is created by NIKO JUNE in the studio in an edition of only 10 pieces and are all unique and will differ from each other in shape, size and texture. The soft shape can have soft spots and we ask you to treat this object as a sculpture. Please take care of this object.