• White background, Handmade jewelry ceramic organizer light blue base in slanted position with black pen on the side
  • White background, Handmade jewelry ceramic organizer pink with black pen inside in vertical position
  • White background, Handmade jewelry ceramic organizer white in vertical inclination with black pen lying on its side

Jewellery Base

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MATERIAL Earthenware
Size H5 X W13 CM X D13 CM
WEIGHT 1.0 kg


The Base series consists of ceramic objects made to function as small organisers. Each piece is made from a square chunk of clay dug out by hand. The grey earthenware is shaped, fired and glazed in the NIKO JUNE workshop.              

The zoomed in version of weekdays and weekends. It's nice under the telescope, but you have got 20 of these single frames lining up in front of you at once. Sometimes frames swap places by turning opaque to 50 and then slowly move across the grid until swap is complete. See details blend and fall into fake. See this weekend as a mega mess made up. The frames expand while the logic of mess changes. Read up on the trend history of mess and understand that the details of Confetti World have raw edges. Pile up your details in the palm of their hand and see how many individual facts that fall through fingers, fall out of context. Messy base is a vibe today.



Please note: This product is handmade from earthenware, meaning that every single object is unique. Hand wash only and use a soft sponge with warm water. Ceramics can be fragile, so be careful when handling the object. Scratches, flaws and small cracks are all parts giving the object a soul. We embrace those imperfections and so should you. Please take care of this object.