ssense xx niko june

NIKO JUNE is a part of SSENSE XX — a program of 20 projects celebrating SSENSE’s 20 years in operation.⁠

The NIKO JUNE project consists of three handmade ceramic candleholders, each in the unique shape of a cake. To celebrate this, we of course threw a birthday party.

birthday dreams swirl you only turn twenty once

Meticulously handmade layer by layer in our Copenhagen workshop, each cake is a representation of our ethos and craftsmanship. Made from glazed stoneware, the cakes have been fired multiple times to provide the resulting glossy effect of icing and ripe, fresh berries.

dress your tables

Hosted in Christiania, the historically significant and culturally unique neighborhood in Copenhagen known for its establishment as a self-governing "freetown" in the 1970s. It seemed a fitting venue for the celebrations.

We guide you through the rain and cobbled streets to the old factory. Candles faintly light the way up the damp stairway, past the local cinema and walls covered in art lovingly bestowed by the buildings residents. You hear the band play upstairs. It's a birthday.