NIKO JUNE is an active office and creative workshop set up to test the temperature of good objects (1). The production is impulsive and forever flexible (2). The eclectic catalogue exhibits occasion-based small collections alongside one-off pieces created in collaboration (3) with fine talent. Beyond the collaborations is the semi-permanent collection of NIKO JUNE studiowear and gear.


The ones you keep. Those that are made to keep. We are aware that for anyone to get there, to hold on, what matters is only partly the object itself. The defining factor is the attitude of the owner (ownership). But we get somewhere by proposing objects that demand attention for more than a minute. Not by glazing it white, nor pastel or by bending it to match your curves. Instead we wish for you to call us out as loud and opinionated. We are high maintenance. Classic forever. By testing we mean doing experiments on established notions of the designed. And to challenge the conditions of use that follows. Good objects are such that give power to an attitude that treats sustainability, not as science but as emotion.


Our body is flexible like the smell of patchouli. Meaning that our structure is non-static and open ended. Our identity is a moving thing that allows us to be spontaneous and reactive to sudden impulse or intriguing demands. Impulsivity applies to our process of making. Short production lead-time and fast thinking while aiming for an unhurried object feel and life. Soft legacy. 


Involving fine talent and expertise naturally help us exercise flexibility and sport us with longer, sleeker limbs to show off. The workshop acts as an international bank of professional, critical and creative exchange. This gives rise to perspectives and intentions or problems as well as solutions that we couldn’t have come up with alone. Also- we do it for the fun of it. This is giving all the way around. Collaborations will always be either limited edition or made by order.