• Red bricks mounted on top of each other in the shape of a mountain on a white background
  • Three red bricks in vertical position on a white background
  • Two red bricks with display of NIKO JUNE logo on a white background
  • Red brick with NIKO JUNE logo on white background
  • NIKO JUNE on red brick with bricks on top of each other
  • Close-up visualization of red brick material
  • Messy structure of red bricks with white background
  • Text description with letter in black in white background

    Big Pile of Bricks

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    A Big Pile of Bricks is a sofa that can be put together in endless ways. We like to just pour it out on the floor and let the body shape the most comfortable pile. The sofa contains 300 individual bricks all made from hand-dyed sponges. A soft piece of furniture for the flexible user.
    COLOR Red
    MATERIAL Polyester (PE) / Acrylic Paint
    Size Endless
    WEIGHT 5.0 kg