• Hand-carved wooden collectible chair by NIKO JUNE studio image in white background
  • Hand-carved wooden collectible chair by NIKO JUNE with front view in white background
  • Close-up view of the seat and part of the hand-carved wooden collectible frame in white background
  • Visualization of hand-carved wooden in white background

    Nasci Chair

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    An impossibility, a wink with the eye, an experimental outburst, a mad joker, a financial stupidity, a green highlight in text on ideal, a brand anima, a crucial activity, a hint of mission, a need for speed, the real reason why and your original four leaf clover. NJ once in a blue moon.  
    Upcycled, hand-carved single edition chair made in the NIKO JUNE workshop.
    Size H115 X W46 CM X D36 CM
    WEIGHT 3.0 kg