• Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs
  • Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs
  • Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs
  • Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs
  • Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs
  • Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs

    Steel Plate - Pick Up - 4 pcs

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    Steel Plate - Pick Up Line is a durable plate and it is perfect for all kinds of occasions. With their simple yet elegant design, the plates effortlessly blend into any dining setting, while the durable construction ensures they can withstand frequent use and cleaning. The Steel Plate comes in sets of four. 
    The Steel Plate - Pick Up Line is part of the Pick Up Line, which also includes Cups and Cutlery
    The Pick Up Line is our out-of-office flirt. The line presents a broad collection of design that we can’t take full credit for but wish to engage/but can’t take our eyes off.  
    The Pickups are found products, we find to be good but: overlooked, forgotten, misunderstood, inimitable or backed by a production-setup too intelligent to be competed with. No need to double perfect, if perfect can be borrowed.  
    Like assisted readymades, these products are modified prefabrications.In contrast to common readymade praxis the purpose is not to isolate the products from their intended use, but to twist and expand the context of how and where. 
    These lucky coin Pickups are designated, modified and curated by Niko June as a cabinet of curiosity that doesn’t care for categories and fills up as a good mess of good stuff the world already has to offer. Expect anything from antiques to deadstock products.    
    Today, the Pick Up Line consists of Xtra stool (S/L) and a family of steel tableware.   
    MATERIAL Stainless Steel
    Size H20 X DIA 15 / H30 X DIA 20
    WEIGHT 3.2 kg