• White background aluminum coffee table P-L series with front view
  • View of NIKO JUNE writing and product designer
  • View of the aluminum coffee table P-L series base
  • White background aluminum coffee table P-L series with slanted view

P-L 03 Coffee Table

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MATERIAL Aluminium
Size H36 X W100 X D100 CM
WEIGHT 20.0 kg
DESIGN Nick Ross


The P-L Series is created by Scottish-Swedish designer Nick Ross. It takes its cues from the post-and-lintel system that was employed within ancient Greek, Indian and Egyptian architecture, and describes a building system that utilises vertical post-like elements to carry horizontal lintels.     

Like a tech-sketch for a haze machine, diffusing ancient history - imagine breathing backwards; And suddenly with accurate immediacy understand prehistoric architecture as you start to read it with your tastebuds. Sweet haze. Clouds of logic evaporating from the structure like booze lifting from the base of your memory. Cool base. Rest your assumptions, balance your imagination on my flat screens of peace. Pause the haze. Intelligence was in the room long before you. And real geniuses just build their own triumphal arch. Generational glitches. Could the telepathy keys be hidden on the paused screens? Architectural happenings every Saturday. 

Please note: This product is part of the P-L Series designed by Nick Ross. All products are produced locally, in a close relationship with a blacksmith in Copenhagen, Denmark. All the furniture is created in aluminum, which is a soft material and will get scratches, but see these as part of the products life, that show the use of it. We embrace these changes and we hope that you will too. Please take care of this object.